Become an Experiture Application Partner

Become an Application Partner with Experiture to get your integrated marketing solution or application featured on our platform’s App Marketplace, where our users can find you….and gain a business partner that can help you boost your bottom line.

As an Experiture Application Partner, you get access to our open APIs and web services to leverage our platform functionality — or you can use our Custom Object interface to enhance functionality within the Experiture Platform. Either way — when your integration is complete, we will sponsor marketing efforts on your behalf – and your customers will have access to Experiture’s range of marketing solutions when they adopt your platform or service.

App Partner

As a partner, you also get steeply discounted access to Experiture’s platform even as you create your application or complete your integration.

Apply today to become an application partner in our app marketplace and help us create a complete, evolving ecosystem of customer experience marketing solutions and applications.

As a member of the Experiture Application Partner Program, you get:

  • A Free Developer License of Experiture,including API and Web Services access keys and documentation
  • 90% off use Experiture for your own marketing
  • Experiture-sponsored Marketing including publicity, targeted direct marketing, display, SEM, and more
  • Access to Experiture’s Customer Base once your application or service is listed in our App Marketplace
  • Revenue opportunities at higher levels of participation

Market your own solution or application to our users — and get perks such as discounted access to Experiture. Fill out the form to the right for more information about the Experiture Application Partner Program.

Become an Experiture Application Partner

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