Automate Your Omni-Channel Marketing Programs


Easily create automated omni-channel marketing programs with variable, ongoing streams of email and other messages — and strengthen engagement with your customers.

From pre-sales nurturing programs, to customer onboarding initiatives, to loyalty and referral marketing, to lapsed customer reactivation — Experiture gives organizations the tools to engage customers more effectively and efficiently across the entire lifecycle.

In many systems, setting up an automated sequence of messaging can be time-consuming and difficult. And, when it comes time to make a change, so much technical help is required that it’s almost not worth it.

With Experiture, however, you can easily create programs that feature streams of timely, relevant messaging. You can send subsequent messages in the stream based on any profile field change, behavior, or interaction. In addition, you can also use Experiture’s APIs and Web Services to send transactional emails or even streams of omni-channel messaging from other systems such as your ERP, help desk, or call center software.

Automated Marketing Workflows

With a few clicks of a mouse you can create programs that range from multistep automated sequences combining email, SMS, social and print channels, to ‘simple’ single-channel transactional messages…and everything in between. The only limit is your imagination.

Drip Marketing

Say “Goodbye” to uploading spreadsheets and launching campaigns whenever you’d like to send email….and say “hello” to marketing that can run by itself. With the ability to create multi-step, multi-track workflows, your marketing has a bright future…and your “batch and blast” days are over.

Extensible Architecture

Experiture allows marketers to integrate calls to external systems as “Custom Program Objects” in Experiture programs — effectively adding channels to automated campaigns in Experiture. Common use cases for Custom Objects include pulling a specific piece of data from an external system, or sending an instruction from Experiture to an external system that triggers a specific action (such as placing an outbound IVR call, or sending a direct mail piece).

Only Experiture makes is possible to broaden your customer engagement with truly automated omni-channel marketing programs that enhance lifetime value.

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