Create Triggered and Transactional Email Messages


Create ‘triggered’ or transactional emails when your customers perform a predefined action – say, when a payment is received — and deepen customer engagement.

When you route your transactional email and other messaging through Experiture, you can use our Enterprise-class tools to create, measure, and optimize your messages — and also, track interactions with those messages — so that you can maintain a truly unified customer view across your organization.

Setting up a triggered emails can require technical help. In most systems, however, changes are hard to make once the message is created. And, you are lucky to get any meaningful analytics.

With Experiture, however, you can create programs for triggered emails that “listen” for activity across channels, and respond (in real time) with the right message, at the right moment. You can trigger emails — or any other type of social, mobile, telesales, direct mail, or other response – from any profile field change, interaction or behavior.

Experiture also features a range of APIs and Web Services that can enable you to trigger emails directly from other systems such as ERP, help desk, call center software, websites, shopping carts and subscription payment systems, and more. You can make your transactional emails as stunning as the rest of your marketing — with measurement and optimization tools to help you continuously improve your message without ongoing programming or technical help.

With Experiture’s Email Marketing, you will be able to:

  • Send triggered one-time messages, or streams of messaging, based on profile, behaviors, or interactions
  • Easily make changes to triggered emails from within the Experiture system
  • Add custom code to your existing systems that can instruct Experiture to send a message — for example, a stream of payment reminders sent to a customer whose payment method has been declined by your payments gateway
  • View analytics for triggered programs in the same system as the rest of your messaging
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