Use Personalized Landing Pages and Web Content to Close the Loop on your Marketing

Landing Pages

At the center of the Experiture marketing platform is our ability to create dynamic, personalized landing pages and web content. From embedded content and forms, to simple landing pages with forms for lead capture, to personalized customer portals and multi-page microsites — with Experiture, you create a centralized location for your customer messaging – and provide an online response channel to boost engagement, drive sales, collect data, and more. Only Experiture lets you create, automate and personalize both outbound omni-channel marketing together with personalized landing pages and sites – allowing organizations to truly close the loop in their customer experiences.

Experiture lets you create compelling personalized landing pages and other online content that can be synchronized with your outbound omni-channel messaging — to create a centralized hub for customer communications. From simple shopping cart pages that showcase special offers, to landing pages that facilitate data collection, to full-blown online portals with multiple pages that give a permanent home to your one-to-one customer conversations – Experiture gives you the tools to create embedded content, simple data collection pages, and permanent online customer portals that deepen engagement with your brand and offers.


Personalized Landing Pages and Web Content

Enhance your omni-channel marketing with online customer destinations that range from simple landing pages, to complex microsites, or even your own website.


Personalized and Individualized

Use what you know about your customers to close the loop on your connected experiences. Display dynamic, personalized content that changes based on who is viewing it — and make each customer feel as if you were speaking directly to them.


Easy & Integrated

Experiture’s landing pages leverage the included Asset Manager, and require minimal ongoing technical resources. Experiture can also integrate with a range of existing systems, including web, analytics, online display and retargeting, and other marketing tools.