Integrated Testing & Optimization


Create, deploy and optimize your marketing – without help from IT

Experiture’s built-in Testing & Optimization tools allow you to effortlessly create tests to optimize your marketing – without relying on technical help to deploy tests and pick eventual winners.

With Experiture’s built-in testing tools, you can find out which messaging is most effective – giving you a better chance to grow revenue. A/B testing your campaigns is easy with Experiture. Simply craft a new email or landing page variation with your test, and click “launch” — and your test is live and collecting real-time data.

With Experiture, you can let your customers decide what’s best – instead of making assumptions, your marketing can be based on informed decisions.

With Experiture’s built-in testing tools, you get:

  • Easy A/B Testing: Our simple yet powerful A/B testing lets you find out which versions of your marketing work best — removing conjecture and opinion, and replacing it with concrete testing results.
  • Built-in Analytics: See your test results inside the same Analytics as the rest of your marketing – allowing you to easily make decisions on “wining” versions by seeing the impact alongside the other elements in your marketing program.
  • CRM Systems: From CRM systems to Ecommerce and Shopping Cart software and more – our integration partners make Experiture a robust, all-in-one marketing ecosystem.
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