Experiture’s Marketing Data Warehouse: Your Customer Database of Record


Experiture includes a centralized “marketing data warehouse” that aggregates information about your customers from multiple, disparate sources into a single system of record.

Your customer information can come from many places: From systems, such as your CRM; from point-of-sale, ECommerce or Help Desk software, a reservations system – and sometimes from customers themselves. Experiture lets you aggregate all of your customer information within a single, centralized repository for your customer data. And the best part? This repository – or “marketing data warehouse” — is included with every edition of Experiture.

All of the customer data that you have in your organization can be aggregated within Experiture’s marketing data warehouse — including contact information and demographic “profile” data, transactional “interactions”, and “behaviors”- how each individual person that interacts with your marketing. Experiture allows you to draw on this data for segmentation, personalization, and more – without needing ongoing technical help.

Stop relying on one-time slices of your customer database and “batch & blast” marketing campaigns — and start to efficiently create revenue-focused, data-driven marketing programs. Experiture’s centralized Customer Data Warehouse gives you a database of record to accumulate customer information from across the various, disparate systems in your organization — and empowers you to use the customer information you already have to power your marketing.


A Single Repository for your Customer Data

Enhance your omni-channel marketing with online customer destinations that range from simple landing pages, to complex microsites, or even your own website.


Know your Customers

Mine your systems (including social media) for meaningful insights – and accumulate results alongside your other customer data.


Use Your Data for Marketing – Without IT

From visual segmentation to omni-channel personalization – you can use your marketing data to power your marketing….without calling the folks from IT.