Market to Meaningful Customer Segments


Experiture’s customer segmentation tools help marketers uncover and engage targeted segments according to shared characteristics. Use what you know about your customers to find the audience for your messaging, and to present relevant content whether they engage with your company on the web, via email, through online ads, social media or using their mobile devices.

Use Experiture’s visual customer segmentation tools to craft meaningful segments based on what you know about your customers. For example, you can group customers according to their interactions with your enterprise to easily create ongoing customer lifecycle marketing programs to attract new buyers, encourage purchases and repeat purchases, or engage lost or lapsed customers.

Create a one-time slice, or an ongoing segment that adds and removes customers. Whether data is accumulated by Experiture’s forms, through FTP transfers, or by using APIs and web services — Experiture can also use evolving customer information from your other enterprise systems to dynamically add and remove records from marketing programs to ensure your customers are getting the right message at the right time.

Experiture’s dynamic content tools further enable marketers to incorporate what they know about certain customers and address different customer sub-groups within larger marketing programs. Create intuitively mapped, rules-based, targeted offers and other content — and truly individualize your various marketing messages.

Experiture’s customer segmentation makes it easy for marketers to identify key customer groupings — and provides a visual interface that enables ongoing engagement that strengthens engagement with your brand and encourage value-creation activities.

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