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Event Marketing

Maximize marketing outcomes from your next trade show, webinar, or other event

Engaging with prospects and customers through Event Marketing with Experiture to generate leads and create sales opportunities.

Experiture Event Marketing Solutions: How it Works

Experiture’s Event Marketing solutions help create leads and sales conversations from your in-person or virtual events. With Experiture, you can deploy purpose-built marketing programs that create engagement with attendees throughout the marketing cycle – from pre-registration, through reminders, to engagement at the event, and post-event attendee surveys.

Whether your event marketing is centered around live seminars or trade shows, or involves online webinars, Experiture’s solutions give you all the tools you need to maximize lead accumulation and facilitate the creation of sales opportunities.

Features and Benefits

Experiture makes event marketing easy – and enables you to create and automate your event marketing with minimal ongoing technical resources.

With Experiture, you can easily:

  • Manage personalized event registration campaigns that encourage eventual registration with automated messages that increase in frequency and urgency closer to the event
  • Send event reminders and special promotional offers such as giveaway offers to registrants before the event
  • Create automated programs with SMS and email messaging that fire off during your events, to enhance event engagement and stimulate sales conversations
  • Send post-event follow-ups with focused lead qualification questions that help generate sales conversations
  • Leverage any Event Marketing programs you create in Experiture (such as emails, lead capture and survey pages, etc.) for future event marketing initiatives
  • Manage event check-ins with mobile and desktop web pages, or with our Android and iOS app for Lead Capture
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your event marketing with simple, flexible Reports

Experiture’s Event Marketing solutions can help any marketing team get the most from events – whether they are online webinars, trade shows, sponsored seminars, or even entire conferences.

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