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Maximize the Impact of Database Marketing

Having great data is a start to great marketing. But how do you mine that data for the most valuable segments – and then reach your audience with targeted, relevant cross-channel messaging?

With database marketing solutions from Experiture, you have the power to create, deploy, measure and optimize connected, personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns that leverage your data for maximum effectiveness.

Whether you are a B2B marketer with a robust business list – or a B2C marketer with a massive consumer data set – Experiture’s database marketing solutions can help you get the most from your next marketing effort.

Experiture Database Marketing Solutions

Within the Experiture platform, your data assets are stored within an integrated marketing data warehouse that allows for fast, powerful segmentation and analysis. Meanwhile, Experiture’s omni-channel marketing campaign management tools give marketers the ability to create and deploy omni-channel marketing programs – while Experiture’s included analytics and optimization tools help you measure and optimize your marketing campaigns for the best results.

With Experiture’s Database Marketing Solutions, you get:

  • An integrated marketing data warehouse to accumulate and store information
  • Powerful social data aggregation tools to append data from the social graph
  • Fast, visual segmentation builder that allows you to slice-and-dice data with unprecedented ease
  • Dynamic personalization that powers highly targeted, relevant messaging content
  • Omni-Channel campaign management tool that allows you to create multistep, omni-channel programs with the wave of a mouse
  • And more

When you put it all together, only Experiture gives you a one-stop shop for the technology you need to transform your data set into marketing that creates revenue.

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