Use Email Experiences to Create Customer Conversations


With Experiture’s Email Experiences, complex ongoing programs can be created and launched by a single user in minutes.

Experiture’s email experiences can send single messages or continuous streams of emails that deliver appropriate content throughout the entire customer lifecycle. With Experiture’s email capabilities, marketers can create their own campaigns, measure what’s working, and then make adjustments — without the need for technical help or resources.

Powerful Customer Experience Marketing Engine

Powerful Customer Experience Marketing Engine that can send one-time or triggered messages, as well as automated streams of omni-channel, multi-step “drip” messaging

WYSIWYG Message Editor and Web Page Creation Tools

WYSIWYG Email   Editor and web page authoring tools can enable non-technical staff to create stunning cross-channel messaging.

Dynamic Customer Views or Segments

Built-in Customer Views or Segments that dynamically update themselves, adding or removing members when their behaviors or profiles change.

Trigger individual, personalized emails yourself

Trigger individual, personalized emails yourself with minimal interference from your technical team members.

Automate ongoing campaigns

Experiture’s Customer Experience Engine enables ongoing, automated marketing programs by programmatically serving up relevant content to the right customers at the right time.

Powerful Email Analytics

Powerful Email Analytics with easy-to-read, pre-built reports and dashboards for in-depth reporting across all channels.

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