Easy yet Powerful Landing Page and Microsite Creation


When customers or prospects click on your online ad or email, will they land on a web page that converts?

The best way to increase conversions from email campaigns or from search, display or retargeting initiatives is to have relevant landing pages. These relevant landing pages should be specifically designed for each campaign — and each should have an easy-to-understand, clearly stated “call to action” that encourages conversion.

Experiture gives you easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools to create professional-looking, effective pages without any special technical skills — and lets you deploy and optimize the pages that you create without any help from your IT department.

With Experiture’s Landing Pages and Forms, you get:

  • Simple WYSIWYG tools to create online destinations that range from simple single-step landing pages, to complex “customer portal” microsites
  • Use drag-and-drop form-builder tool to create slick web-forms and call-to-action buttons
  • Choose from any one of dozens of responsive landing page templates included with Experiture, at no additional cost
  • Save your own landing pages as templates, so that you can easily re-use and re-purpose your offer content over time
  • Progressive profiling using smart forms that recognize visitors and ask questions that add to the customer profile over time
  • A/B testing interface to optimize your pages so that they encourage the most conversions

Experiture also helps you customize landing pages with dynamic offer content — creating different personalized offers for each of your target segments using simple rules and filters. Text, images, and more can be customized based on any criteria you specify — such as a customer profile or previous interactions with sales/support — all without complication, compromise, or interference from your IT department.

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