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Customer Intelligence

Whether you are a B2B marketer, or a nonprofit or education marketer, or if your enterprise sells high-value items to a limited number of potential customers — your prospects are all at the start of the sales funnel.

Now you need to maximize the efforts of your direct sales, recruitment or fundraising teams to turn those prospects into customers. Members of these teams need to access information – and they also need to make sure that their customers and prospects receive the most relevant cross-channel messaging available.

Bring your Own CRM

Experiture has tailor-built applications for Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and also integrates with CRMs such as Velocify and Sugar CRM. There are also a number of available connections to industry-specific systems.

No matter what CRM you use, Experiture’s fully bi-directional sync support means you can use either your CRM or Experiture’s built-in Target Management interface to update customer information. Both systems will update each other and no matter what platform they use, your teams can all access and act upon up-to-the-minute information.

Empower Your Distributed Sales Teams and Agents

Experiture can also help your direct sales teams in other ways. By combining role-based architecture and omni-channel messaging management, Experiture’s decentralized marketing modules can help your distributed teams make the latest approved marketing materials available to prospects and customers.

Experiture’s unique customer intelligence capabilities include:

  • Bi-directional sync support for Salesforce.com, and others; native App Marketplace integrations; open information architecture that allows connections to the CRM or database of your choice
  • Additions or deletions to your CRM such as fields or objects are automatically updated in Experiture
  • Inbound leads generated by Experiture lead pages are transmitted to the CRM or data repository of your choice; Experiture can also transmit any of the activities and interactions it tracks for each individual record
  • Use Experiture to send a single message (or an entire multi-step cross-channel campaign) directly from within your CRM
  • Simple setup – Get started and sync automatically simply by installing the CRM module of your choice from the App and logging into your CRM from within Experiture

With Experiture, your direct sales teams can spend less time deciding where they should reach out – and spend more time closing sales. See why direct sales teams across industries love Experiture. Talk to a solutions specialist today.

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