About Us

On Reaching Humans.

Attention B2B and B2C Marketers. Did you know that your best marketing targets are in hibernation?

The steady onslaught of omni-channel communications has desensitized your audience leaving them curled up in hibernation, yearning for a day when they will be treated like individuals again.

Rouse them from their slumber. Reach out and engage them with your messages. Treat them as humans again.

Experiences are for Humans.

Enter Experiture – the world’s first Customer Experience Marketing platform designed for both B2B and B2C Marketers. Not two different platforms, but two editions of a single platform designed with a singular goal: to make marketing human again. Because your customers and prospects are all human, and your marketing should be too!

Experiture enables you to design unique experiences for your customers and prospects creating a 1:1 dialog that inspires engagement and interaction. Communications powered by Experiture engage your recipients, and help foster the human connection missing in today’s age of mindless automation and campaign management.

Automation is for Robots.

Unless you are marketing to the Drone Army (which would be a different albeit interesting conversation,) it’s time to put aside those campaign management worksheets and marketing automation workflows and stop to think about what your marketing programs are all about. Have you really considered the human Experience of your marketing? Are you sending and resending communications hoping that one of the messages will get through the mental and physical firewalls that have been erected by your targets?

Beyond Marketing Automation.

Experiture was created to break down the barriers that prevent you from maximizing your marketing ROI. As the world’s first Customer Experience Marketing platform created for both B2B and B2C marketers, the foundation of our platform is our philosophy of personalization and how it connects everything – from Email, and Omni-Channel Messages to Personalized Landing Pages and Unique Customer Portals.

Communications that speak directly to your audience.

But don’t fret – we absolutely support fully automated messaging workflows as tactics within the Experiture platform. However, unlike other platforms, our automated marketing programs run on top of our dynamic personalization engine, which keeps every experience relevant.

Marketers Connect it (not IT).

Running connected, omni-channel marketing campaigns without IT is the Holy Grail promised by modern marketing solutions. Unfortunately as many marketers have discovered, that promise is as elusive as before. Most “modern platforms” are often a patchwork of multiple solutions or corporate acquisitions, upgraded legacy solutions that were too ingrained to replace, or built hurriedly by outsourced teams in an attempt to meet market demand.

To make matters worse, interfaces sitting on top of today’s complex platforms are about as user-friendly as the cockpit of a 787 – requiring massive investment in training, and stalling time to market.

Experiture was created from the ground up, by a team of marketing scientists who have invested their lifetimes enhancing the customer experience.

In building Experiture, we tore down the frenzied status quo – rapidly building and bringing to market platforms to address problems – and focused our efforts instead, on building a framework that would make personalizing marketing beyond the email as easy as hitting the send button.

Don’t just take our word for it – call us today and take a tour!