Create Personalized Customer Experiences with Dynamic, Adaptive Content


Experiture’s Dynamic Personalization helps organizations create conversations with their customers and prospects across channels and throught the sales funnel (or customer lifecycle).. From potential buyers seeking education; to encouragement of repeat purchases, loyalty or referrals; to winning back lapsed or lost customers — Experiture knows who your customers are, so you can engage them the right way.

The Experiture platform’s open data architecture, combined with precise segmentation tools, enable you to mine your customer data to reach the right audience. Then, Experiture’s Dynamic Personalization takes this a step further — and lets you craft highly personalized 1:1 messaging for each individual customer.

By using our authoring tools and built-in marketing asset management — or your own existing content management system — you can leverage your customer data to drive dynamically generated, personalized communication across emails, web sites, mobile devices, and more — with minimal ongoing need for technical resources.

Our dynamic personalization engine delivers individualized communications that helps you boost conversion rates, increase engagement with your marketing, drive overall program responses and both create sales, and maximize customer lifetime value.


Personalize Across Channels

Use what you know about your customers to create connected, individualized cross-channel experiences. Encourage ongoing engagement and foster loyalty with individualized, dynamic content and personalized messaging.


Personalize Beyond the Email

Enhance your omni-channel marketing with online customer destinations from simple landing pages, to complex microsites, or even your own website. Display dynamic, personalized content that changes based on who is viewing it — and make each customer feel as if you were speaking directly to them.


Visual Segmentation & Personalization Tools

Use our platform to mine customer segments and enroll them in ongoing, targeted marketing programs. Easily create dynamic content for your various customer segments.


Easy & Integrated

Dynamic personalization in Experiture can leverage the included Asset Manager, and requires minimal ongoing involvement from IT. Our platform can also optionally integrate with virtually any external, third-party content management system. Experiture can also integrate with your existing web, analytics, online display and retargeting, and other marketing tools.