Experiture’s Customer Data Warehouse: Your Marketing Database of Record


Experiture includes a centralized “customer data warehouse” database that aggregates information about your customers from multiple, disparate sources into a single system of record

The information collected in Experiture’s centralized database — or “customer data warehouse” — spans contact information and demographic “profile” data, and transactional “interactions”, and also automatically stores “behaviors”- how each individual person that interacts with you. Experiture stores this customer data and allows you to segment your audience based on that data.

Experiture’s Customer Experience Marketing Platform can:

  • Consolidate and store customer data from different systems across your organization
  • Use customer data, such as profile or behavior, as a basis for marketing segmentation
  • Sync data warehouse information with your other systems via our open APIs and web services
  • Create custom fields and tables to store data specific to your business, such as transactions
  • Use profile data and interactions to score your customer behavior so you can focus your customer lifecycle marketing efforts

Stop relying on one-time slices of your customer database and “batch & blast” marketing campaigns — and start to efficiently create revenue-focused, data-driven marketing programs. Experiture’s centralized Customer Data Warehouse gives you a database of record to accumulate customer information from across the various, disparate systems in your organization — and empowers you to use the customer information you already have to power your marketing.

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