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All Experiture software and solutions are powered by best-in-class features that combine to create the most friendly, flexible marketing platform on earth. Click on an icon below to learn more.

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Simple, yet Powerful

Score some “quick wins” when you first get started with our intuitive, easy-to-use tools — and move up to more involved programs, data connections and technical integrations as time goes on. With Experiture, there’s no compromise between power and simplicity. You just get more. And you get it more easily.

  • Quickly gain mastery over your customer lifecycle marketing
  • Work within an adaptable, responsive platform environment
  • Get performance and reliability no matter what the size of your enterprise and your data sets
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds:  high degrees of usability for non-technical operators, and robust features for users that demand more flexibility


Experiture is the only enterprise-class marketing platform created by the Customer Experience experts at Indros Group.  Experiture was built from the ground up to empower you with everything you need to become a customer experience marketing powerhouse on your first day as a customer.

  • Created by Customer Experience marketing veterans
  • All-in-one solution replaces multiple disparate platforms
  • 100% focused on innovations and new-feature developments in customer experience marketing
  • Available, affordable services means you have a marketing agency partner at your service when you need it

Open Architecture

With true data openness, Experiture will make you a better customer experience marketer by giving you a unified customer view.  With the ability to link any data source to Experiture, your organization can stop fighting with its data – and start using it to get results.

  • True data openness means you can link virtually any data source and create the ultimate  marketing data warehouse
  • Available APIs and Web Services give you the total freedom to link Experiture with the systems and solutions of your choice
  • Tools, knowledge, and best practices to guide your data aggregation efforts
  • App Marketplace integrations ready for your organization with just a few clicks
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