Personalized Experiences with an included Asset Manager — or the External CMS of your choice — without any technical resources.

Get started creating connected, individualized customer experiences in minutes, that include web pages, emails, and more — within a highly scalable solution that can grow with your enterprise, as you incorporate more technologies and create additional marketing programs.

Experiture features an included asset management system that you can use in your marketing on an unlimited basis, and at no extra charge. Store assets and content on an unlimited basis, and then place that content as often as you like into your email, landing pages, and more.

Of course, for organizations that demand more flexibility, Experiture allows you to leverage an existing external CMS to deliver dynamic personalized content.

Throughout, you can deploy as many marketing programs as you like, across as many domains as you’d like — and provide a response channel for your entire marketing mix across departments, business units and geographies.

Included Asset Management

Experiture’s included Asset Manager can help power your marketing by storing your content on an unlimited basis, at no extra cost. Populate your emails, landing pages and more with personalized content drawn from our secure, hosted cloud storage environment.

Personalize using an External CMS

Optionally power your personalized, dynamic content with the external CMS of your choice — allowing you to create your connected, cross-channel customer experiences leveraging your existing content management systems or content delivery infrastructure…without any programming or help from IT.

Campaigns in Minutes Without IT

Experiture Dynamic Personalization tools are intuitive and easy-to-use, allowing you to create and deploy highly personalized content with the wave of a mouse….and no help for your IT department. With drag-and-drop interfaces, a visual rules builder, and intuitive mapping interface, Experiture allows you to individualize your cross-channel customer experiences across email, landing pages and SMS with point-and-click simplicity.

Manage Multiple Domains

Experiture supports multiple domains, so you can produce content across different content management systems, web properties, and business systems. Create as many landing pages or personalized “customer portal” microsites across as many domains as you like.

Our included asset management and external CMS connectivity makes Experiture the platform of choice for most enterprise-class marketers to create highly coordinated, personalized cross-channel customer experiences.

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