Stop creating Marketing Campaigns. Start creating Personalized Customer Experiences.


At the heart of our Customer Experience Marketing platform is the ability to create personalized customer experiences.  This underlying technology allows users to easily create and manage dynamic, individualized messaging and online customer destinations that leverage profile information as well as customer interactions and behaviors.

Experiture’s powerful Customer Experience engine includes the following features:

Robust Variable Composition

Customize marketing and other messages based on customer or prospect profile information, interests, previous interactions, or any other data you may be collecting. With our powerful logic- and rules-based content delivery, you can individualize your communications with variable text, images, and rich media elements that change dynamically based on your data.

Omni-Channel Personalization

Our Experience Engine isn’t just about personalizing email messages. Experiture boasts out-of-the-box support for dynamic messaging across SMS, social and web pages as well – ensuring that your customized communications grab cross-channel attention.

Intuitive Mapping Interface

Experiture’s intuitive Mapping Interface lets users apply basic “if–then” logic to determine what text, images, and rich media elements to display when certain data conditions are present — all without any need for technical training.

Powerful Business Rules Editor

For more advanced dynamic personalization, our powerful Business Rules editor allows you to rapidly implement and re-use rules that determine what personalized, dynamic content to display on a message or a web page.

Experiture’s customer experience engine helps marketers transform their marketing and start creating connected, omni-channel customer experiences that create one-to-one conversations throughout the customer lifecycle.

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