Easily create and send stunning, personalized email messages


Experiture’s Enterprise-class email creation and program management tools can transform your enterprise into an email marketing powerhouse…from the moment you first log in.

With Experiture, you can use a single platform for crafting one-time triggered or transactional emails, simple campaigns, and even ongoing automated programs that deliver relevant content for any stage of the customer lifecycle. Create and deploy emails, measure what’s working, and make adjustments — from one place, and without bringing in any IT or technical help.


Easily Create Stunning Emails

Need to create that perfect email? Whether you are a creative professional, a seasoned web developer, or a novice designer – Experiture provides all the email marketing tools you need to be successful within our single platform. Use Experiture’s included WYSIWYG editor to quickly compose, format, and style an email from using any of the dozens of pre-built templates in our included library – or, build a new template from scratch. You can also keep that perfect email from another platform, using our simple but powerful HTML editor to paste in your pre-designed content.


Upgrade your Email Marketing

Experiture doesn’t make you a marketing magician. It makes you a marketing wizard. Empower your email marketing with a single, full-service platform to create multistep email programs — or incorporate emails inside a larger connected omni-channel customer experience that includes landing pages or microsites, mobile marketing, social marketing, direct mail, and more. With Experiture’s single-platform solution, you can graduate from sending batch-and-blast emails to creating marketing wizardry with fully automated, individualized omni-channel integrated messaging.


Measure and Optimize Email Initiatives

View the results of your email campaigns with Experiture’s Analytics dashboard and integrated Reports — and easily target your marketing message improvements. And with all marketing interactions stored within each customer record, you can see marketing results down to the level of the individual.