Responsive Email Template Gallery


The Experiture platform comes with dozens of responsive email templates out of the box that are designed to be viewed on a number of devices. As an Experiture subscriber, you can use emails from the included Email Template Gallery in your marketing, as often as you like — at no additional cost.

Choose any email Template and then use Experiture’s easy-to-use WYSIWYG design tools to customize them. Using only your web browser, you can swap out your own images and offer text and apply your own brand logo and color scheme. You can use Experiture’s stockpile of battle-tested designs, as often as you like, in order to find ideas or inspiration — or quickly and reliably deploy great looking email when you need one in a hurry.

Experiture’s included Template Gallery gives you:

  • Dozens of responsive email templates to use at no additional cost
  • Quickly and easily customize email templates using our included, browser-based WYSIWYG tools — no programming required
  • Save emails that you create with Experiture as Templates to add to the Gallery — then customize and reuse saved templates across different Marketing Programs
  • Load existing emails into Experiture to create your own template library

If you can click and drag your mouse, you already have all the skills you need to create memorable customer destinations using our platform’s included Template Gallery and WYSIWYG tools. Of course, more advanced designers and web developers can always use our available Adobe Creative Cloud integration to build pages that can be uploaded into Experiture… or even paste in their own HTML and CSS code.

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