Simple yet Powerful WYSIWYG Landing Page Editors


The Experiture platform includes a powerful WYSIWYG landing page editor with a simple drag-and-drop interface. With only your web browser, you can use Experiture’s page creation tools to build stunning landing pages, microsites, and more, that look great on any device — without ongoing technical help.

Not all marketers are the same — but all marketers need Landing Pages. That’s why Experiture offers tools for all kinds of marketers. While advanced users can enter or cut-and-paste markup code, or use the included Adobe Dreamweaver plug-in to create pages locally and load them into the Experiture platform — the rest of us can use drag-and-drop tools to visually create landing pages. Both technical and non-technical users can preview their work as they design their pages in real-time.

The Experiture WYSIWYG landing page editor also enable users of all kinds to customize pages with dynamic content for different target segments with simple rules and filters. Text, images, and more can be customized based on any criteria you specify — such as a customer profile or previous interactions with sales/support — all without complication, compromise, or interference from your IT department.

Within Experiture’s WYSIWYG landing page editor is an embedded Form tool that can be used to create surveys, lead capture forms, and more. Users can use our simple drag-and-drop Form tool or create their forms in your favorite IDE or use the included Adobe Dreamweaver plugin. No matter how you create your forms, you can choose to have them pre-populate with known information. Also, overall form and survey results are displayed in the Reports Dashboard — while individual responses are returned and stored within each customer record.

The features of the Experiture email editor include:

  • A WYSIWYG interface to easily create stunning sites that range from simple lead-capture form pages, to complex customer portals or microsites
  • Simple visual interface for inputting the logic and rules that determine dynamic content
  • Drag-and-drop profile fields and more to instantly personalize pages
  • Dozens of included responsive landing page templates can be used as often as you like, with no additional cost
  • Landing Page Templates can be edited both in the graphic WYSIWYG landing page editor, or using Experiture’s included Dreamweaver plugin….or both
  • Save the pages you create or import as templates, so that you can easily re-use and re-purpose your pages for use in different Marketing Programs

Experiture’s easy-to-use landing page creation tools empower marketers to create landing pages and microsites without needing technical skills or any IT support. With Experiture’s visual interfaces for landing page design, what you see really is what you get.

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