Use our Open APIs and Web Services to Integrate Experiture with Other Systems


Experiture allows you to access a range of data and functionality through available APIs and web services that can enable the custom integration of your dreams.  Push data from any platform, dynamically add customers to various marketing programs, trigger transactional messaging, or make your marketing results available in the Business Intelligence environment of your choice — all this and more is possible with our available interfaces.

Experiture has a complete range of functionality that can power your end-to-end customer experiences. For some organizations, that means taking advantage of our available APIs and web services to enable marketing solutions that leverage their existing systems and data to power connected experiences — and also to make their marketing results available in the reporting or business intelligence environments of their choice.

With our Web Services and open APIs for marketing solutions, you can use Experiture to:

  • Make Experiture functionality available in other systems
  • Link Experiture data with BI and other reporting environments
  • Send triggered messaging after financial transactions
  • Add customers to follow-up surveys and other programs after interactions with customer care
  • Push customer data from ERP, AIS, CSR, CRM and other systems into Experiture
  • And more!

For enterprises that demand greater flexibility, Experiture’s APIs and web services can give your marketing department complete control over the messaging resulting from sales, support, operations, and other activities.


Experiture’s APIs allow for the creation, retrieval and removal of entities and data stored within Experiture, allowing developers to link Experiture with existing systems. Experiture provides both SOAP and REST APIs to accomplish this.

Web Services and Custom Experiture Program Objects

Experiture’s Web Services allow marketers to integrate calls to external systems as “Custom Program Objects” in Experiture programs. Common use cases for Custom Objects include reaching an external system to pull in a specific piece of data or trigger an action (like requesting an external system to send a piece of direct mail, or place an outbound IVR call).

For more information or technical details on implementing Experiture’s API, Web Services, or Custom Program Objects, contact an Experiture API Specialist today.

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