Travel and Hospitality Marketing Solutions

Travel and Hospitality Marketing Solutions

Travel and Hospitality marketers use solutions from Experiture to leverage guest data and power connected customer experiences that deepen engagement with properties and brands.

Customer Engagement Solutions for Travel and Hospitality Marketers

Experiture’s travel and hospitality marketing solutions combine Experiture’s data connectivity with its personalized microsite and individualized cross-channel messaging capabilities to help travel and hospitality marketers cultivate and strengthen long-term customer relationships.

One property, for example, uses Experiture’s technology to mine guest data and power personalized, online concierge pages that display loyalty program information and special offers to encourage repeat visits.

Experiture’s Marketing Solutions for Travel and Hospitality Marketers: How it Works

When you link your Property Management, Customer Relationship Management, or Online Reservation System to Experiture, you can use your data together with Experiture’s Target Management and rules-based dynamic content engine to deliver individualized, targeted offers through coordinated streams of omni-channel messaging.

By presenting coordinated, relevant offers across multiple channels, travel and hospitality marketers can enhance engagement with their brand and their offers….and encourage repeat visits.

Make your Travel and Hospitality Marketing Take Off with Experiture

Using Experiture’s solutions for travel and hospitality marketers, you can display omni-channel messages and online customer portals that:

  • Display loyalty information such as point balances, visit and purchase histories, and more
  • Encourage add-on services post-booking
  • Specifically target offers based on profile, interactions, and visit history
  • Encourage future direct bookings
  • Power targeted off-season offers, such as automated birthday campaigns
  • And more

Discover how Experiture solutions enable omni-channel messaging and personalized concierge pages that foster engagement, drive repeat visits, and help reduce cyclicality. Contact Experiture today and ask about our featured Travel and Hospitality marketing case study, “Customer Engagement for Travel and Hospitality Marketers”.

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