Enhance lifetime value with Customer Engagement Marketing programs for each Stage of the Customer Lifecycle


Today’s marketers must contend with a new omni-channel world, where customers are increasingly desensitized to the multitude of marketing messages they see every day.

Experiture’s Customer Engagement Marketing platform allows consumer-focused marketers to create, deploy and optimize individualized marketing, at scale, that resonates across channels. Build automated, ongoing programs that foster continued, personal customer relationships throughout the customer lifecycle. All the while, your marketing can assimilate your customers’ individual behaviors in real-time — responding with personalized content that dramatically increases response and conversion, while enhancing customer engagement and providing opportunities to maximize customer lifetime value.


Create Cross-channel Experiences

Experiture’s Customer Engagement Marketing enables a range of omni-channel messaging from the moment a suspect becomes known. The Experiture full-service marketing platform incorporates email, landing page and website creation, mobile marketing, social marketing, and more — all within a flexible, easy-to-use browser-based interface that requires no hardware or IT.


Build Awareness

While you read this, your potential customers are surfing the Internet, researching products, services and brands just like yours. Experiture’s marketing automation can help you stay top-of-mind and make it easier for customers to choose you — and also enable you to educate and inform potential customers more easily and efficiently.


Foster Long-term Customer Engagement

Experiture’s omni-channel marketing programs allows marketers to engage customers at any stage of the customer lifecycle with automated, ongoing, personalized messaging — with no human intervention, and minimal interference from IT.


Measure and Optimize

Gain a complete view of marketing performance across customers and channels — from audience trends and program performance, down to the level of the individual. Slice and dice custom reports or choose from over 30 built-in reports to get insight into the overall effectiveness of your marketing programs — while seeing resulting interactions within each individual customer record.