Connect to Virtually Any CRM or Database


Your Customer Data should Power Your Marketing. No matter where you keep it.

Create a seamless connection between your customer data and Experiture no matter where your customer information is stored. With robust connections to many popular CRMs — and an open architecture that allows data integrations with virtually any source — Experiture is a data warehouse that can power all of your marketing, which could free you to:

  • Use your customer data to create segments for different marketing efforts
  • Update Experiture with information from the CRM, ERP, Helpdesk, or other system of your choice, and
  • Have Experiture send information back again to the same or to another system

Off-the-Shelf CRM and Data Integrations

With a two-way sync between Experiture and your CRM system, your sales team can act quickly and accurately to customer activity – say, triggering an alert for a sales rep to call a customer who is viewing pricing for a product on your website.

Experiture offers native integrations for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and, as well as certified partner integrations for additional CRM systems such as Velocify and SugarCRM.

Other Databases and Systems

Addititionally, Experiture can be linked to almost any source through data integration. Experiture’s architecture allows the platform to accumulate data from the ERP, Helpdesk, or other system of your choice. Our data connections can read information from virtually any system into Experiture’s Target Database – letting you use Experiture as the marketing system of record.

Experiture can also send information gathered about customers – profile data, interactions, or behaviors, for example — back into the system of your choice with pre-built and available custom applications. So in addition to being the marketing system of records, you can use Experiture’s data integrations to help automate a variety of business processes.

Want to see how Experiture can help you leverage your customer data for better marketing and business decisions? See our Partners age or read some Client testimonials – or contact a CRM/Data integration expert today to learn more.

Also, check out other topics related to data integration, including our Open APIs — and also stop by our Partners page to check out the pre-built integrations that we have featured in the Experiture Apps Marketplace.

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