Create seamless integrated marketing with Experiture


Coordinate Marketing Programs across direct mail, email, mobile, web and more – and get on-demand cross-channel analytics – all from a single interface.

When using multiple platforms to coordinate messaging across traditional and digital channels, there are often difficulties with timing and predictability – and challenges arise with response measurement and revenue attribution.

With Experiture, you get a single platform that synchronizes and automates personalized messaging across direct mail, email, SMS, and more – along with personalized online response pages that capture data from responses and interactions within the included Customer Data Warehouse. Throughout, Experiture’s cross-channel analytics measure response rates down to the individual level – and are available on-demand from any internet connected device.

With Experiture, your marketing team can take the frustration out of integrated marketing programs with the world’s easiest omni-channel campaign management and marketing automation tools.

Experiture’s marketing automation and omni-channel campaign management tools can both power Integrated Marketing programs that:

  • Synchronize offers across direct mail, email, mobile, and other channels
  • Give unprecedented measurability over cross-channel performance, from a single interface
  • Create omni-channel marketing program content that learns and adjusts based on behaviors and interactions
  • Use personalized response pages to capture additional details and qualify respondents
  • Send variable follow-up messaging to both respondents, and non-respondents
  • Make your traditional direct mail measurable down to the level of the individual respondent, with Personalized URL’s and a USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode integration powered by Easypurl
  • Accumulate data from respondents into the included customer data warehouse – or directly into a CRM or other data store
  • And more
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