Form & Survey Tools


Easily create and deploy Forms and Surveys for lead capture, customer feedback and more

With Experiture’s built-in form tools, it’s easy to create forms and surveys that capture data from web visitors – such as collecting customer feedback, contact forms, event registration forms, lead generation forms, and more – without entering a single line of code.

Create the forms and surveys you need to collect the data you want – and accumulate all responses in the same marketing data warehouse that you use to power the rest of your marketing.

With Forms & Surveys from Experiture, you get:

  • Flexible, Embeddable Forms: You can place forms or surveys on pages you create using Experiture – or embed them on your existing website.
  • Included Form Creation Tools: Use our easy drag-and-drop tools to quickly create a form using only your mouse – or use our advanced form builder for more flexibility and control.
  • Form Gallery: Select from templates our Gallery – or, create your own with our included form creation tools.
  • Capture and Store Data: The information you capture from respondents is accumulated in Experiture’s integrated marketing data warehouse.
  • Available Payment Integrations: Easily and seamlessly accept payments on your site from popular payment processors such as PayPal,, and others.
  • All the Fields you need: From radio buttons, to drop-down boxes, to multi-selection checkboxes, to file upload fields, and more – Experiture gives you total flexibility to collect data and other information.
  • Variable Form Logic: Direct users down different paths with different messaging, variable page and email content, and more — depending on their form selections.
  • Auto-responders: Send respondents a single “Thank You” message – or a multi-step, omni-channel lead nurturing program – based on responses given.
  • Notifications: Experiture can also send notifications to your sales and marketing teams, to notify them that a respondent has filled out a form – and is now awaiting follow-up.
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