Nonprofit Marketing Solutions

Nonprofit Marketing Solutions

Nonprofit marketing solutions built on Experiture can help your nonprofit organization leverage donor data to enable connected customer experiences that deepen engagement — and ultimately allow Nonprofits to fundraise more effectively and efficiently.

Experiture Donor Engagement Solutions for Nonprofit Marketers

Bolster your marketing outcomes with Experiture’s solutions for nonprofit marketers. Built on Experiture’s Customer Engagement Marketing platform, our nonprofit marketing solutions combine Experiture’s data connectivity with powerful targeting and segmentation – which together enable precisely targeted appeals that maximize donors’ share of mind and wallet.

One organization, for example, uses Experiture to host a “donor portal” that shows progress towards funding goals, recent accomplishments, and more — encouraging engagement and bolstering gift frequency and size.

Experiture Nonprofit Marketing Solutions: How it Works

When you link your organization’s donor relationship management (CRM) and other data sources with Experiture, our built-in Target Management and rules-based dynamic content engine can enable individualized, targeted appeals across email, individualized “donor portal” web pages, mobile, direct mail and more.

By sending relevant, coordinated, personalized appeals across multiple channels — and reinforcing these cross-channel messages with emotionally compelling online donor portals — nonprofit marketers enhance engagement with their organizations and their causes.

Meet or Exceed your Marketing Goals with Experiture

Experiture can be used to power donor relations efforts such as:

  • Targeted omni-channel donor acquisition campaigns
  • Ongoing omni-channel Donor outreach, such as updates and additional appeals
  • Personalized donor portals that allow on-page donations
  • Automated renewal programs
  • Targeted messaging based on donation history
  • And more

Discover how nonprofit organizations use Experiture to deliver customer acquisition and ongoing renewal and update programs that meet or exceeds fundraising goals. Contact an Experiture solution specialist today and ask about our featured nonprofit marketing solutions case study, “Donor Engagement for Nonprofit Marketers”.

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