Powerful Social Data Aggregation


Learn more about your customers through social media

Chances are, your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus – and they use other social media as well.

With Experiture, you capture information about your prospects and customers from across social media – with results aggregated within Experiture’s included marketing data warehouse. And the best part? All you need to do is upload targets — and Experiture does the rest.

Social Data Aggregation from Experiture gives you more insights about your customers that you can use in your day-to-day marketing. Use the data you collect from across the various social media as a basis for segmentation and personalization – and more.

With Social Data Aggregation from Experiture you can:

  • Learn more about your prospects and customers from their social profiles
  • See your social profile elements such as pictures and screen names, from within Experiture
  • Connect your social media accounts to pull friends and followers into Experiture’s integrated Marketing Data Warehouse
  • Target highly active prospects and customers with viral marketing efforts
  • Reference your customers’ and prospects’ social media activity within your marketing messaging — from email, to web content, and more
  • Aggregate likes and other social data as you create buyer personas

Only Experiture allows users to perform social data aggregation and use the results in your marketing programs. With Experiture’s Social Data Aggregation, you can find new prospects, turn prospects into customers and turn customers into advocates.

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